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Why Is The Market Demand For Velvet Bags Growing?

Meco Bags Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 02, 2018

Why is the market demand for velvet bags growing?

Wine bag is one of the most popular wine packaging, and the velvet bag is a type of environmental protection bag. It is also a new type of environmentally friendly product that replaces plastic shopping bags in the country after the introduction of the “plastic limit order”. Over the years, the demand for and use of flannel wine bags in the market has grown.

For the design of velvet bag, the principles adopted are generally designed specifically for the product. All products provided by the company can be made in any shape according to customer requirements. Moreover, the velvet bag product has good practical performance, and the material can withstand various printing processes such as screen, hot stamping, hot silver, embroidery, thermal transfer, etc., and can print various pattern words on the bag surface according to the needs of the product, enriching the content of the product, Product appearance fits the application.

On the other hand, the cloth bag made of flannel is lightweight and portable, its material is light and the quality of the sewn bag is light. The product generally adopts the tying method of the tying rope, which is flexible and convenient, compact and exquisite, has a soft touch, high flexibility and wear resistance, and is durable.