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The Importance Of Text Selection In Nonwoven Bag Printing

Meco Bags Co.,Ltd | Updated: Mar 18, 2018

Most of the handbags in the market use the vividness of colors to attract consumers' attention. Through the driving of colors, consumers can pay attention to the design content of the handbags. This is a very good advertising method. So that non-woven bag prints can quickly enter the minds of consumers.

The design of non-woven bag should not only take into account the corporate cultural image, so as to implement the strategy of promotion. In addition, we must also demonstrate the company's philosophy. Here's a detailed introduction to the specific principles of text expression.

First of all, the basic principle of bag printing must be clear, that is, the accuracy of the content, to meet the consumer's purchase needs, from the company's brand culture and product attributes to text style selection. In addition, the content of the bag should be as readable as possible, not just to simply pile up the product content. It is important to convey product information in a simple and unique way. Finally, we must also pay attention to the aesthetics of the bag. If there is no sense of design and no artistry, simply stacking pictures and text on the handbag will make it unattractive. Therefore, the design must reflect the beauty of the product, and the text design must adapt to the overall style, so that we can achieve both unified and beautiful.

Non-woven handbags are also a kind of green environmental protection. With the deepening of social themes, this kind of environmental printing has also been promoted and liked by the industry and consumers. It is believed that with the development of time, its importance will become greater. The more and more obvious.