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Production Of PP Woven Tote Bag

Meco Bags Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 31, 2017

Polypropylene woven bag. Generally first with polypropylene plastic flat wire for the weaving machine for the warp and weft yarn, and then woven into a flat cloth or woven cloth. And then cut, printed, sewn into a bag. Characterized by light weight, high strength, non-toxic, tasteless, not rotten Synthetic paper as a new type of packaging materials and printing materials, because both have the dual characteristics of paper and plastic, more and more attention from all over the world. With the people's awareness of environmental protection, synthetic paper has been quietly into people's lives, the use of synthetic paper bag made has been everywhere.PP Woven Tote Bag

In the past, the commonly used handbag is usually coated with coated paper and plastic film into a bag, but the coated paper and plastic composite is difficult to recover, in our country as a garbage disposal. And synthetic paper can be printed after the bag, both waterproof and beautiful, strong; recyclable, the price is 20% cheaper than coated paper. The use of bags of plastic molding machine or hand tools out of the bag, and then adhesive bonding.PP Woven Tote Bag 

The crease position of the bag is generally in the center of the bag, and the figure of the folded bag is printed on the front and back sides, so the crease should be placed on both sides. Plastic bag molding and paper bags are basically similar, but with the heat instead of adhesive adhesive only.PP Woven Tote Bag

Application of the unit to single-sided coating of PP, HDPE two-in-one composite woven woven or three-in-one Zhisu Zhi woven cloth and paper bag paper as the substrate, through the two-color printing press chain printing, , And then through the tube into the tube and through the plastic extrusion of the sticky side of the cylindrical bag body, and finally continuous cutting, counting bags and punching stand alone.PP Woven Tote Bag 

The unit from the substrate delivery, printing, paste into a tube, sticky edge, cut bags, bags, drilling the entire process continuously completed, a high degree of automation, advanced bag technology, equipment structure is reasonable, The unit can produce a variety of single-layer complex or double-layer composite packaging bags, folding bags, not folding bags, flat pockets and self-sealing valve bags and other bags.PP Woven Tote Bag