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Non-woven Shopping Bags Is The World Of Bags

Meco Bags Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 18, 2016

Wedding bags, non-woven shopping bag, non-woven tote bags preferred green bag business leader in Tongcheng city Golden Eagle plastic industrial limited understanding of the shopping bag, non-woven shopping bag even better! At present, the environmental protection concept has permeated every packaging and plastics industry, thus contributing to plastic bag production is likely to do so, and promote the use of shopping bags is also stressed in the relevant government agencies have been. Select No spinning cloth shopping bags has following advantage: 1, and appearance pattern can specific design, nontoxic harmless no pollution; 2, and type and the uses variety, as insulation environmental bags, and silver surface environmental bags, and environmental supermarket bags,, all pursuant to itself needs; 3, and transparency high, gloss good, appearance beautiful and soft degrees high, touch good, more substantial durable; 4, and resistance solvent sex good, can hot seal, and can printing, plasticity strong; breathable coefficient low, prevent harmful gas into; 5, and not only thick, and firm, also waterproof, Also excellent antistatic properties, not dust, such as smoking.