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Meco Bags Has Launched New Material For Shopping Bag - Paper Tarpaulin (Weaving Paper)

Meco Bags Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 31, 2016

Paper Tarpaulin (Weaving Paper) is a kind of new material for shopping bag and packaging industrial. The yarn (polyester yarn or cotton yarn) is knitted inside of the paper to enhance the duration of paper. So the bags can be reuable for a longer time. Besides, the Paper Tarpaulin is lighter than white cardboard, thus it can save a lot in wood and pulp. 

Mecobags is committed to manufacturing all kinds of bags in new eco-friendly material. We believe in new technology in material that help relieve our earth, make it greener and make it cleaner. We have started selling the bags in Paper Tarpaulin from September, 2016. 

Do you want to try the new bag? Do you need samples? Send us email and we will contact you.