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Handmade Diy PP Woven Tote Bag

Meco Bags Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 04, 2017

             It is certainly a boundless thing if we can find ways to give new life to some discarded materials and to perpetuate their short lives. Every day, we will be from the market, restaurants and supermarkets to bring back one of the plastic bags, whether they are discarded or stacked in the corner, for the environment is a kind of destruction. Now, let's make use of these seemingly useless plastic bags to weave a stunning green tote bag!PP Woven Tote Bag

             When we choose plastic bags, we need to consider both color and material factors. Please try to ensure that the thickness and material of all plastic bags are close to each other, and avoid using plastic bags with very different materials (such as a very flexible, brittle and hard). Always use a plastic bag of approximate material to help achieve a better overall weaving effect. With regard to the color problem, we can use different colors of plastic bags to create a variety of patterns. Can be a random transformation of color, can also be used to unify a certain color, so that the final weaving effect is unexpected, completely can not find the shadow of plastic bags. For example: the uniform use of brown plastic bags, can make the final production of the handbag looks like palm leaf material.PP Woven Tote Bag

             Although our handbag has already stipulated the crochet model and the knitting line number, but because each person weaves the process to be different in the tightness degree, the plastic bag thickness is different, you may adjust according to the actual situation, does not need to follow the course one word does not change. The actual number of rows you weave can be inconsistent with the tutorial. Our goal is to weave an approximate square tote bag. When the height of the tote bag is slightly smaller than the width, the number of rows we weave has been met and the handle can be started. Therefore, you can also use their own familiar crochet model, according to their wishes to choose the number of woven rows, design the ultimate weaving effect of handbags, as long as we can fully enjoy the fun on it!PP Woven Tote Bag