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Fiber Access Terminal

Meco Bags Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 26, 2017

                Now the use of optical fiber access network in maintenance management problems 1. The first is the network management function is relatively unitary, it is incompatible with the current network management system of the switch, can only establish the individual Access network network management system, the different manufacturers of access management system can not be linked, to the telecommunications maintenance management brings great difficulties. 2. The second is the test function in the 112 set. At present, all S1240 users can automatically process the user's claim and automatically test the user's line and equipment. After the use of access network equipment, only in the ONU (Optical Network unit) to increase the test board, the test results are not very accurate. 3. Rural user needs mainly remain in the traditional voice business, access network can provide a wide range of services, but it is also the transition phase of integrated business development, the development of the exchange is the ATM switch. 4. The lack of interconnection standards. After the access network is completed, its network management should be connected with the related subsystem of "97 project", the local network exchange, transmission, power network management, in order to facilitate the normal operation of maintenance, however, there is no interconnection between the ready access network and the reason is lack of specification.Fiber Access Terminal

               The key to ensure the efficient and reliable operation of the access network is to establish the standard, to ensure the "three-nature" of communication networks, and the centralized monitoring and maintenance management system of access net. After the maintenance of the system reform, to maintain the department of the network equipment to carry out "three centralized" management of the necessary means, so in the construction of access network must be unified to establish access network management, access network equipment manufacturers to provide access network management must conform to the specification and Reservation Q3 protocol interface, Finally realizes the interconnection between the access network management and the local network management. Access network construction and network management construction to be synchronized.Fiber Access Terminal

                Access Network network management can not only monitor the connection network itself equipment, should also be docking network line equipment and cable, cable, user line for automatic monitoring, can complete the current 112 system functions, but also the remote node equipment, room temperature, humidity, safety and other environmental information collection and processing, sent to the corresponding environmental monitoring system.Fiber Access Terminal