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Environmental Protection Packaging

Meco Bags Co.,Ltd | Updated: Apr 14, 2018

When it comes to packaging, it is nothing more than to highlight the value of the product and to make the product stand out. Such as skin care packaging, many people will be attracted by the packaging at the first sight. Packaging design is a set of strict and difficult guidelines. It follows the laws of the market, and at the same time it must pay attention to controlling costs and increasing profits.

When consumers become more and more savvy and critical, it is increasingly difficult to win their trust in a product. To cope with this change, the brand and the designer's strategy is to display the product on the packaging very sincere, and people feel that it is not only "real goods" but also "the production process is very hard".

Packaging color

According to the color test, when the object is observed under normal conditions, the color attracts an observer's attention of 80% at the time of initial observation, and this process can last about 20 seconds. Therefore, color determines the first impression of consumers 80%, is the most prominent element in product design. The colors that make the eyes look more comfortable have become the first choice for many brand designers, such as beige, white, light pink, and woody colors, which are soft and more acceptable.

Packaging materials

In addition to the color that looks comfortable, the natural and environmentally friendly material is one of the major features of the wine packaging. In the past two or three years, the packaging of wine bags has been hot. From the technical point of view, it has good elasticity, good toughness, and can be recycled, is a very environmentally friendly packaging material, and can reflect the natural simplicity of the product and the company's environmental responsibility.

In fact, many brands have paid great attention to the theme of environmental protection from the very beginning of the packaging design. Today, the "naturally free" design trend begins to return to the consumer vision. More and more personal care products want packaging to return to real, natural materials, giving consumers a sense of trust and creating a comfortable and laid-back atmosphere. Moreover, more and more irregular hand-written fonts or scribbles appear on the packaging, as if it were a hand-made graffiti, combined with more environmentally friendly materials. The true feelings and craftsmanship of the product are revealed in every possible way, emphasizing that it contains the individual's personality and temperature, and hopes to establish an emotional connection with consumers.