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Current Situation Of Plastic Shopping Tote In Supermarkets

Meco Bags Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 16, 2017

              Some people say: "Plastic shopping bag is the worst invention in modern society". In fact, any invention is a double-edged sword, no so-called good or bad, the key is how to use. Plastic shopping bag is the same, it does give us a great convenience, the use of plastic shopping bags embodied in the life of the fast-paced society, catering to People's convenience, fast consumption psychology. Consumers are often worried about the consumer's handling of plastic shopping bags from supermarkets to their homes. However, those who use plastic shopping bags as trash bags two of times, in fact, should be advocated, they have at least made plastic shopping bags again play a role.Shopping Tote

             According to the survey of consumer surveys of shopping in supermarkets, the analysis of statistical data can draw three conclusions: first, plastic shopping bags are still widely used; second, consumers all know that plastic shopping bags pollute the environment, should protect the environment, reduce the number of plastic shopping bags, but the real implementation of the action of the consumer is very little; third, both buyers and sellers have a strong dependence on plastic shopping bags.Shopping Tote

             According to research, Nanchang Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau in recent years in the prohibition of the use of plastic shopping bags publicity and promotion has done a lot of work, but because the price of plastic shopping bags cheap, easy to use, strong resistance to the tide, the advantages of good rally, Nanchang supermarkets are still using plastic shopping bags. According to the Environmental Protection Bureau, at present, many foreign countries have begun to implement a paper bag to replace plastic shopping bags, the EPA also hope that Nanchang supermarkets can learn from these methods, the use of those easily degradable, easily recycled materials made of shopping bags.Shopping Tote