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Convenience Of Shopping Tote

Meco Bags Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 04, 2017

     We all know that the strength of paper and water resistance are not good, many water-based products such as seafood can not be packaged, heavier metal products are also difficult to load. Even if we all use paper bags, how come the paper? First of all, the raw materials for making paper are mainly wood, and the world's forest resources are scarce, which is the biggest waste of the environment Therefore, a large number of paper bags are the largest waste of environmental resources, the largest environmental pollution.Shopping Tote

     Cotton and hemp shopping bag strength is better than paper bag, can be used repeatedly, but water resistance is not good. The advantages of cotton and linen shopping bags are recyclable, but what about the bag? With washing is the most commonly used method, but washed waste water resources, with phosphorus-containing detergent will contaminate the soil, while ordinary washing and can not kill bacteria.Shopping Tote

     The invention of plastic bag brings great convenience to human life, but more and more people do not know how to use the environmental protection effectively, which leads to the globalization of plastic bag pollution, and calls on everyone to use environmental protection plastic bags to make their own contribution to the blue sky. Advantages compared to traditional plastic bags: the water soluble speed can be designed, completely dissolved in water, non-poisonous and pollution-free, strong tensile strength, good transparency, good gloss, high softness, good feel, oil resistance, good solvent resistance, heat sealing, can be printed, low permeability coefficient, good gas resistance, and plastic button or self-adhesive plastic bag The Antistatic property is excellent, and the dust is not absorbed.Shopping Tote

     Supermarket shopping bags, belonging to the technical field of packaging bags, the characteristics of the existing technology supermarket shopping bags in the outer surface of the bag affixed with an advertising logo, in the advertising logo also opened on the other uses as a tear line. Compared with the existing technology, a supermarket shopping bag of the utility model because the advertising logo pasted on the outer surface of the bag body, so not only has the effect of advertising publicity, but also has the use of flexible role in the process, you can advertise the new products through the shopping bag timely publicity, saving the cost of publicity, Its propaganda effect is also very ideal.Shopping Tote