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Classification Of Shopping Tote

Meco Bags Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 04, 2017

               This seemingly ordinary green shopping bag, in the event of an earthquake and other emergencies, can be used as a simple helmet. It folds up smaller than an umbrella and is easy to carry and simple to use. The side of the bag has a breathing mouth, while the bottom uses a hard plastic for the helmet to give the head a good protection. Although earthquakes do not happen every day, it is necessary to be prepared.Shopping Tote

               It may not be difficult to choose fresh and tasty vegetables and fruits, but if you want to get them home safe and sound, you'll have to pay a little thought: some of the food texture is soft, to be placed on the surface to avoid stress and bump, such as tofu, eggs, etc., some vegetables are naturally resistant to extrusion, can be placed on the ground, such as potatoes. This shopping bag has many pockets of different sizes, so it is convenient to classify food and avoid squeezing or bump into each other.Shopping Tote

               People generally pursue a high standard of lifestyle, fashion commodity leadership of the consumer trend. When the social emergence of what "hot", if the store to the commodity patterns, promotional information printed on the beautiful shopping bag, is undoubtedly an important promotion. When consumers see hot goods in a shop has a sale, also produced a "irresistible temptation."

               Today, the pursuit of low-carbon and low pollution lifestyles, as a result of the increase in the number of people, shopping bags and the increasing demand, in view of the large number of pollution, it has been activated environment-friendly shopping bags.Shopping Tote