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Classification Of Packaging Materials

Meco Bags Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 18, 2016

Paper packaging material: wrapping paper cellular paper, and paper bags paper, and desiccant wrapping paper, and cellular cardboard, and Kraft industrial cardboard, and cellular paper core; plastic packaging material: PP package with, and PET package with, and tear film, and winding film, and seal box tape, and hot contraction film, and plastic film, and hollow Board; composite class soft packaging material: soft packaging, and plating aluminum film, and iron core line, and foil composite film, and vacuum plating aluminum paper, and composite film, and composite paper, and BOPP; metal packaging material: tinplate foil, and barrels Hoop, and steel with, and package buckle, and bubble cover aluminum, and PTP foil , And aluminum Board, and steel buckle; ceramic packaging material: ceramic bottle, and ceramic cylinder, and ceramic altar, and ceramic pot; glass packaging material: glass, and glass tank, and glass box; wood packaging material: wood products and artificial wood plate (as plywood, and fibreboard) made of packaging, as wooden, and wood barrels, and scratching, and wood splint, and fibreboard box, and plywood box and wood business tray,.