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About Multi-functional Non-woven Shopping Bags Introduction

Meco Bags Co.,Ltd | Updated: Mar 02, 2018

About multi-functional non-woven shopping bags introduction

Health: design food isolation zone, the distinction between Hunxing class, vegetarian class, raw and cooked food, different types of food in different grids, to avoid cross-contamination caused by mixed food; made of waterproof fabric to enhance the isolation effect.

Labor-saving: design of the wristband attachment, wrist, back of the hand, palm respectively force; and to bring the belt to form a flat force area, carrying heavy objects without hand, 100 meters away from the obvious effect. Both anti-snatch feature.

Convenience: waterproof cloth easy to dry, easy to wipe, clean; the main annex constitutes a whole, easy to retain; shopping bag folded folded small, easy to carry; small shopping bag, the main attachment can be divided into co-facilitate the use.

Environmental protection: The use of environmentally friendly materials, reusable, recyclable.

Second, the basis of functional design

From an environmental point of view, ultra-thin plastic shopping bags are widely regarded as the worst inventions of mankind in the 20th century, but it has swept the globe for more than 100 years because of its two advantages and its suitability for the needs of consumers. First, convenience. With plastic bags, people do not need to bring their own shopping shopping tools, eliminating the burden of carrying; plastic bags used to throw, eliminating the burden of retention. This fast-paced office workers, very useful. Second, health. Plastic bags of low cost, there are prerequisites Hunxing category, vegetables, raw food, cooked food and daily necessities were installed in different bags, especially the isolation of food is very important to avoid cross-contamination caused by mixed food, in line with people's health look forward to. If not caused by the disastrous consequences of the environment, ultra-thin plastic shopping bags is very suitable for consumer needs.

People use ultra-thin plastic shopping bags spending habits, in the final analysis is a convenient spending habits, health spending habits, which is the fair way to spend habits.

The replacement of plastic shopping bags, must have the basic functions of environmental protection, convenience, hygiene, in-depth consumer needs, but also with the labor-saving performance requirements.

Effortlessness is to relieve the heavy feeling of comfort. Office workers shopping, usually weekend purchases of food and daily necessities for a week, each time a larger amount of shopping. With plastic shopping bags, the problem of labor-saving is not resolved, but because of the plastic shopping bags can be scattered carry, despite the feeling of comfort, its weight can be affordable; do not use plastic shopping bags, the purchase of goods will be concentrated in a shopping tool (Bag or blue), things together on the carry, the weight is not light, shopping as the main housewife, it is difficult to carry moving, so that the problem of labor-saving bulge out. Procurement of rice, oil, milk and other large packaging items, but also need to solve the problem of labor-saving.

With the community needs to beg consumers organic demand from the same point of view, to take biodegradable plastic bags, non-woven bags, bamboo blue, willow basket of plastic shopping bag replacement program, are not ideal. Biodegradable plastic bags are mainly not meet the requirements of saving resources, in the long run, spent throwing disposable consumption is not desirable. Non-woven bags are mainly bag waterproof, anti-oil, anti-fouling and sub-packaging and other topics in the use of the process will inevitably encounter tofu, fish, meat and other water-based, oily goods on other items of pollution, especially for Raw food contamination endangers human health. Bamboo blue, willow baskets mainly inconvenient, in particular, is not suitable for office workers on the way to work by the way shopping.

Multi-functional shopping bags, comprehensive solution to environmental protection, convenience, health, labor-saving issues, adhere to the community need to reduce consumer demand for the same organic, more than the performance of plastic shopping bags better alternative.

Third, the project vision analysis

Plastic limit order, the use of plastic shopping bags for the implementation of charges, the initial pricing of 0.5 yuan, each shopping according to the uniform use of six calculations, once to spend 3 yuan plastic shopping bag costs, according to shopping once a week, the annual expenditure of 150 yuan or so. Now many people call for plastic shopping bags should be low pricing, you know, the charges are to limit the nominal fee can not play a limiting role, the ultimate price even lower, but also less than low to go there.

"Plastic limit order" a static and dynamic introduction, many people are looking for something that can replace the plastic bags, Xi'an non-woven bags, paper bags and other reusable "green shopping bag" has become the focus. According to reports, the paper bag in the production process because of pollution, resource consumption, damage the ecological environment, can not be the best replacement. Nonwovens produced with a short process, high yield, variety changes quickly, a wide range of raw materials, with automatic degradation and other characteristics, is considered the best replacement of plastic bags. Some experts estimate that non-woven shopping bags can be re-used more than 10 times, and the environmental pollution after disposal is only 10% of that of plastic bags. Therefore, it has a broad market prospect.

Zhu Minru, chairman of China Association of Industrial Textiles, said that non-woven bags have always been produced, but because of their cost higher than plastic bags, has not been widely used. Although the promulgation of the "Ban Plastic Order" can provide some opportunities for the non-woven fabrics industry, it is not a huge business opportunity as mentioned in the hype, and the usage of non-woven bags will not be as large as that of plastic bags. Production of non-woven bags should pay attention to the following questions:

The first thing to consider is the cost of the problem, and now the raw material prices rise relatively large, causing some pressure on the business, the other in the production process its cost is much higher than plastic bags. After forming the product, but also consider the appearance of the bag printing, design. And these costs will certainly be imposed on consumers, affecting the widespread use of non-woven bags, so enterprises in the production process to consider how to strongly reduce costs.

Followed by a strong topic. The strength of non-woven bags made of different materials is different, and what kind of material to do with how strong the bag can be regarded as not yet have the same standard. Zhu Minru [incumbent China Industrial Textile Industry Association] revealed that at present China Industrial Textile Association is working to develop some relevant standards, will be introduced soon.

【1】 Functional topics.

Non-woven bags in the course of the inevitable encounter will be tofu, fish, meat and some water-based, oily goods, the development process to consider the bag waterproof, oil, anti-pollution issues.

【2】 Recycling topics.

Non-woven bags can not be directly recycled scrap like scrap, non-woven bag recycling applications should also be considered. Therefore, enterprises invest in non-woven bags should be rational when dealing with investment can not blindly.

Multi-functional shopping bag made of nylon silk waterproof fabric, functional design to take into account the needs of all parties, compared to the cost of non-woven bags, strong topics, functional topics, topics of recycling, multi-functional shopping bags in the powerful, Recycled superior to non-woven bags, the purchase price is higher than the non-woven bags, but the non-woven bag life is 10 times. The strength of nylon silk waterproof fabric is 5 times that of non-woven fabric, multi-functional shopping bag life of up to 50 times. In the long run, the cost is also cost-effective.

Of course, multi-functional shopping bags do not exclude non-woven bags, because the market is too big. China's urban population is more than 100 million. The global plastic limit is a general trend. The population of foreign cities and towns is more than 300 million, more than 400 million. There is at least one shopping bag for one household, and the shopping bag is expendable. Such a large market, multi-function shopping bags accounted for 10% of the share, but also a huge figure.

Fourth, the project progress

Multi-functional shopping bags have applied for utility model patents, and completed a small batch of sample production, can enter the high-volume production stage and open up the market.

Fifth, the project cooperation matters

Need to get partners to give one of the following assistance:

1, non-woven bags in the food bag and keep the basic structure of the connection of the same conditions, improve the technical details;

2, to fund shares, cooperation and development, mass production;

3, contact large supermarket order, redeem customers by points;

4, contact the manufacturer, advertising in multi-functional shopping bags;

5, sales agent;

6, paper media publicity, to expand influence.

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