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Environmental Hazards And Future Development Of Shopping Tote

Meco Bags Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 12, 2017

   It consumes 3 tons of oil per 1 tons of plastic. In China, the waste plastic that comes into landfills each year is 3%-5% of the weight of landfill waste, most of them are waste plastic shopping bags, especially ultra-thin plastic bags with a thickness of less than 0.025 mm.Shopping Tote

   Waste plastics are not easily degraded under natural conditions, causing long-term and potential ecological environment problems. First, the waste plastic packaging mixed in the soil, easy to cause soil compaction, affecting crops to absorb nutrients and moisture, resulting in crop production, and the second is to abandon the land or water in the waste plastic packaging, swallowed by animals as food, resulting in the death of animals is not uncommon; three is mixed with the waste in the waste plastic is difficult to deal with, mixed with waste plastic garbage is not suitable for composting treatment, sorting out of the waste plastic also can not guarantee the quality and difficult to use.Shopping Tote

   Where does the plastic shopping bag end up after finishing the service life of the packaging material? There are three ways to go:

   First, being used as a garbage bag by the residents, packing rubbish into the garbage disposal site, or being buried or burned, is harmless to the environment.

  The second is recycled back into the reprocessing enterprises, recycled plastic bags or other plastic products, the whole process is very environmentally friendly.

  Third, the user is discarded into the wild, only this part will cause environmental pollution.

Only less than 1% of the plastic shopping bags are discarded to the wild, and as the civilization of human society continues to rise, the drop ratio will be lower, such as the drop rate in Western countries is less than 0.5%.Shopping Tote