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Stretch film and plastic film

Meco Bags Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 18, 2016

PE stretch film is loaded membrane products for industrial use, with high tensile strength, elongation, good self-adhesive, high transparency. For manual winding film, can also be used for winding film, which can be widely applied to the concentration of a variety of goods packaging. PE stretch film is used primarily by mixing several different grades of polyethylene resin extrusion into puncture-resistant, super high performance, goods stacked on the pallet wrapper, make packages more stable and clean, more powerful role, is widely used in foreign trade and exports, paper, metal, plastic, chemicals, building materials, food and pharmaceutical industries. PE stretch winding film: LLDPE stretch winding film, is to high quality of LLDPE for base material, don't distribution added quality of increased stick agent, by heating, and extrusion, and flow extended, again by stress cold roll cooling and into, has toughness strong, and high elastic, and anti-tear, and high viscous, and thickness thin, and Hardy, and heat, and resistance pressure, and dust, and waterproof, and has single stick and the double stick, advantages, in using Shi can save material, and save labor, and save time, widely application Yu paper, and logistics, and chemical, and plastic raw materials, and building materials, and food, and glass, aspects.