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Non-woven cloth non-woven tote bag manufacturers control method of chromatic aberration

Meco Bags Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 18, 2016

As a non-woven shopping bag, non-woven bag manufacturer, today to talk about how to control non-woven color difference method, which is also non-woven bag factory we are implementing practices. There is no industry standard, non-woven color range, but the PANTONE standard color card-such as passage (Pantone) color cards, Germany, Raul (RAL) color cards. Larger companies have their own image colors correspond to different values on the color card, if customized non-woven bag is big enough, you can find manufacturers custom make your own special color. Second, choose a larger non-woven shopping bag manufacturers. Larger manufacturers masterbatch raw materials source stability, strict, high technological requirements of ingredients, and non-woven fabric of high quality. Three, a single large non-woven fabric manufacturer batch number of non-woven fabric. Select non-woven fabric is more of the same serial number to ensure chromatic aberration to a minimum. Four, strong non-woven bag manufacturers can store a number of large customers often use different colors of non-woven fabric. Five non-woven shopping bag, non-woven bag manufacturer of slitting workshop strictly control, find color large inform non-woven factory replacement.