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he fabric on the 38% defense tax on PP woven bag and synthetic fiber

Meco Bags Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 27, 2017

he fabric on the 38% defense tax on PP woven bag and synthetic fiber

Salvatore, economy minister Hector Dada said on Sept. 20, Salvatore in Dominica for PP woven bag and synthetic fiber fabric on the 38% defense tax, was 19 this month to Switzerland Geneva world trade organization accused Dominica of violating free trade agreement, and that due to violation of Dominica and Central America free trade agreement. In the case of the Central American countries have taken the common strategy, Costa Rica, Honduras and Guatemala to the World Trade Organization has also accused Dominica of the establishment of free trade barriers. The minister also claimed that the export of Salvatore PP woven bags to Dominica was affected by the 38% defense tax for 1 and a half years, but only a limited number of PP woven bags exported to Dominica by Salvatore.

Dominica "unfair trade behavior and Defense Committee" (10) this month 21 days in the Dominican Jialisiding daily (LISTIN DIARIO) said in a statement, in view of the will for PP woven bag and synthetic fiber fabric on the 38% defense tax measures have prompted discussion, the relevant details of the case again this excerpt, such as after:

(a) the implementation of the Dominica January 18, 2002 Announcement No. 1-02 "unfair trade behavior and Defense Measures Act (No. 1-02)" article first has stated that protection against unfair trade practices is the national interests of Dominica, fifty-seventh stipulates that the Department of defense to temporary control of imports, in order to prevent or avoid causing serious damage to the domestic industry, in order to help the industry to adjust.

(two) in addition, before the law eighty-fourth specification "committee" unfair trade behavior and defense measures of authority, one of the Department and other government agencies in Dominica and Dominica on behalf of the government coordination, dealing with international organizations and relevant countries to deal with issues related to competition.

(three) the PP woven bag and synthetic fabrics on 18 months 38% tax according to the Department of defense decided, more than 1 years during the period of investigation results, and careful consideration of "unfair trade behavior and Defense Measures Act (No. 1-02)" and the implementation of rules, regulations and related technology of World Trade the organization defense agreement and legal procedures. To the DR-CAFTA protocol, it also in the investigation procedures, the eighth chapter carefully review the agreement (trade defence measures) on sixth WTO under the agreement GATT nineteenth and defense agreement taken universal measures (Acciones Globales) signed in effect on DR-CAFTA, once again confirmed many at the World Trade Organization on the basis of GAD defense measures of agreement to start the investigation and measures.

(four) this will be the case related information published in the "Commission" unfair trade behavior and defense website (www.cdc.gob.sacos.html), the content of the website update, and includes all acts since the beginning to the final resolution and resolution, and each stage as a summary technical report based policy.

(five) Dominica "unfair trade behavior and Defense Committee is a committee mechanism, any foreign policy, whether administrative or procedural, shall be made by the Committee as the joint resolution after the announcement, in this case the Department of the first made on the final resolution of the defense tax. Will fully understand the importance of public share in the case details.

(six) or part of trade partners are committed to help increase its domestic industry, and according to the provisions of the world trade organization to adopt similar trade defense mechanisms and measures of the implementation of multinational. The mission will shoulder all according to the existing law, safeguard the trade interests of Dominica industry in the domestic market, market trading partners or other occasions, and in the field of international trade policy for trade dispute settlement system is very common